11/7/2006 Poland's Mirek issues warning to Euro rivals
11/6/2006 Kenyans, Ticas head for home
11/2/2006 A rich experience for Chinese Taipei
11/2/2006 Fratczak’s crackerjacks light up Poles
10/30/2006 Student to meet master in coaching clash
10/30/2006 Chinese Taipei will be the first to enter Japan's den
10/30/2006 Klos encounters of the Polish kind
10/30/2006 Costa Rica ready to make volleyball history
10/30/2006 FIVB President hopes for best World Championships ever
10/27/2006 We're Ready, so let's Go!
10/27/2006 Ogino returns to lead Japan
10/26/2006 President Acosta lists his Fab Five
10/26/2006 FIVB targets 250 teams for 2010 World Championships
10/25/2006 Baby boomer Paula’s back on court
10/25/2006 ‘We are not the favourites', says Brazil coach
10/24/2006 Canaries fly in for World Championships challenge
10/24/2006 WaT's going on? Find out here!
10/24/2006 ‘Kaoru Hime’ is living a dream
10/23/2006 Mass media flocks to women’s team news conference
10/22/2006 Kenya intensifies training at Akita
10/21/2006 Uriarte names Argentina’s final 12
10/20/2006 An afternoon with the stars
10/19/2006 Egyptians head for Thailand
10/19/2006 Four Japan games already sold out
10/19/2006 Teams prepare for the final countdown
10/18/2006 FIVB President arrives in Tokyo
10/18/2006 Japanese sports stars catch volleyball fever
10/17/2006 Brazil’s win can’t stop Buenos Aires send-off
10/14/2006 Egypt’s injury problems continue
10/12/2006 Brazil to provide final home test for Argentina
10/11/2006 Date fixed for Peace Ceremony
10/10/2006 Kenya squad moves camp to Akita
10/10/2006 Japan’s teams dressed for battle
10/10/2006 Long queues of fans greet Japanese players at Saitama Matsuri
10/04/2006 Saitama’s Super Sunday
10/03/2006 Peace ceremony planned for Hiroshima
10/03/2006 Airports add support for World Championships
10/03/2006 Argentina men team receives Puerto Rico in the six friendly matches tour prior to the 2006 Japan World Championship
09/20/2006 Cameroon continue preparations in France
09/20/2006 Kenyan coach plots how to beat Costa Rica and Chinese Taipei
08/29/2006 Shuka: Born in China, Made in Japan
08/22/2006 Opening ceremony
08/22/2006 World Championships will open windows for 'Ticas'
08/22/2006 Badges promote World Championships
08/22/2006 Canada is next for Aussie globe-trotters
08/16/2006 Brazil coach prepares for Grand Prix defence
08/15/2006 Saturday night fever for Japan-Korea
08/15/2006 Japan playing the name game
08/15/2006 Hardy leads Aussies to victory in Tunis
08/09/2006 Poles pose major threat in Worlds
08/04/2006 2,000 staff attend World Championships workshops
07/31/2006 Vujevic: World Championships will mark the end of an era
07/31/2006 TBS reveals galaxy of stars
07/31/2006 Marin says 'Ticas' are growing all the time
07/21/2006 Kurihara out of World Grand Prix
07/21/2006 Beware: Japan's got "Gottsu"!
07/21/2006 Dutch women begin tough build-up
07/20/2006 Kenya win 4-nations tournament
07/18/2006 Opening ceremony mixes East and West
07/17/2006 Volleyball fest at Tokyo Dome City
07/11/2006 Cuban coach directs Egypt's World Championships challenge
07/11/2006 Let's go...for half a million tickets!
07/10/2006 Kenya picks 13 for Four Nations event
07/07/2006 Red carpet welcome for FIVB inspector
07/07/2006 Costa Rica looking for a helping hand
07/06/2006 Venezuela win Goulette title
07/06/2006 Aussies draw series in Iran
07/06/2006 Important Volleyball news from Serbia and Montenegro
07/06/2006 Tunisia start World Championship preparations without injured stars
06/28/2006 Sugawara resumes work in Kenya
06/27/2006 USA too strong for Argentina
06/07/2006 Chen Zhonghe On Chinese Women’s Team and World Championships
06/07/2006 China Survive Two Match Points to Crown at International Women’s Volleyball
06/07/2006 Rising force Kazakhstan aims for second round
06/01/2006 FIVB President received by President of the Republic of Bulgaria and presented with a prestigious sports award
06/01/2006 Hall of Famer Ryskal inspires Azerbaijan's new generation
06/01/2006 Captain Aury has Puerto Rico in Cruz control
06/01/2006 Libero Odwako returns to Kenya squad
05/31/2006 Argentine men make positive start to World Championships year
05/31/2006 Belgrade promotes Japan -- and volleyball
05/31/2006 China looking ominous at start of World Championships year
05/31/2006 FIVB Board of Administration drives Volleyball and Beach Volleyball forward
05/23/2006 Bonitta plots Italy's World Championships defence
05/23/2006 Chinese women step up World Championships preparations
05/23/2006 SCG women look to follow the success of men's team
05/23/2006 FIVB Executive Committee upbeat in the World Championship year
05/18/2006 Cuban women to start World Championships year in China
05/17/2006 Cuban men hope to build on 2005 World League bronze
05/09/2006 Canada Announces 2006 Senior Men’s Roster
05/09/2006 Massive media interest for Japan's women's team
05/08/2006 Uriarte impressed with Argentine energy and effort
05/02/2006 Kiwi McCutcheon pilots USA forward
05/01/2006 Changes expected in Kenya women's team
04/28/2006 Kenyans in high spirits after African club success
04/27/2006 Czech Republic looks to ice hockey, soccer for inspiration
04/26/2006 Willis sisters lead Costa Rica challenge
04/24/2006 In Focus: Dominican Republic women's team
04/21/2006 Kasia's Corner
04/21/2006 Guidetti aims high with German women
04/21/2006 Tasty treats for Saitama's volley-kids
04/19/2006 Italian replaces Korean at the helm of German women's team
04/18/2006 Cities promise perfect training camps for teams
04/18/2006 Hoag asks for patience and courage
04/14/2006 Question and Answer with Martin Stoev, head coach of Bulgaria for the men's World Championships in Japan.
04/12/2006 Chinese women tackle men's teams
04/12/2006 Popp's return is popular decision for Germany
04/06/2006 FIVB continues Congress countdown
04/06/2006 Hoag takes over Canada's men's team
04/05/2006 Volleyball Corner attracts 25 million TBS viewers
04/05/2006 Azzurri camp set for Shinshushin Town
04/05/2006 FIVB President celebrates 72nd birthday
04/04/2006 Q and A with the head coach of Australia's men's national team, Russell Borgeaud
03/31/2006 Puerto Rico get down to business
03/31/2006 Chinese Taipei target Asian rivals
03/30/2006 Kenya coach urges players to seize their chance
03/29/2006 Top rookie Ishijima earns national squad call-up
03/28/2006 Volleyball gets starring role on TBS entertainment special
03/27/2006 Kurihara returns to Japan squad
03/27/2006 Argentines face hectic year
03/24/2006 Lee resigns post with German women's team
03/24/2006 Inspection tour dates set
03/22/2006 New head coach reveals China's men's squad
03/21/2006 Japanese coach to prepare Kenya - to face Japan
03/20/2006 Russian men mean business
03/14/2006 Russian delegation to visit Sendai
03/10/2006 Nikolic displays SCG fighting spirit
03/09/2006 Ogino heads provisional list of 35
03/08/2006 Haneef feels USA could be 'unstoppable' in Japan
03/08/2006 TV Globo tunes in to Brazil's Japan challenge
03/07/2006 Plans outlined for TBS media centre
03/06/2006 Organisers assist with training camps
08/28/2005 Cuba, Dom Republic and Costa Rica complete final round line up (FIVB)
08/28/2005 Brazil and Peru claim final round tickets (FIVB)
08/28/2005 USA cap perfect week with gold medal (FIVB)
08/27/2005 Cuba claim second of three final round spots (FIVB)
08/27/2005 Brazil, Peru & Argentina in contention for three final round (FIVB)
08/27/2005 USA and Puerto Rico qualify for final round (FIVB)
08/26/2005 Dom Republic seal final round spot (FIVB)
08/26/2005 Brazil on the verge of final round (FIVB)
08/26/2005 USA clinch top seed for semifinals (FIVB)
08/25/2005 Dom Republic make it two from two as Cuba open with victory (FIVB)
08/25/2005 Brazil make excellent start (FIVB)
08/25/2005 Puerto Rico and USA top table (FIVB)
08/24/2005 Mexico and Puerto Rico join USA with two wins (FIVB)
08/21/2005 Cuba claim tournament honours (FIVB)
08/21/2005 Bulgaria men & Poland women claim last of European Final Round tickets (FIVB)
08/20/2005 Canada and Cuba claim Final Round spots (FIVB)
08/19/2005 USA win tournament as Mexico seal third Final Round spot (FIVB)
08/18/2005 USA and Puerto Rico book Final Round spots (FIVB)
08/17/2005 USA clinch No. 1 seed to set up Mexico semifinal (FIVB)
08/16/2005 USA improve to 3-0 (FIVB)
08/15/2005 Puerto Rico claim win number three as USA improve to 2-0 (FIVB)
08/14/2005 Puerto Rico claim win No 2 as USA start successfully (FIVB)
08/13/2005 Puerto Rico and Canada start on right track (FIVB)
08/07/2005 China unbeaten in Women's World Championship Asia Group A (FIVB)
08/07/2005 Ukraine keep on fighting for final ticket in Bulgaria (FIVB)
08/06/2005 China and Chinese Taipei through to Women's WorldChampionship Finals (FIVB)
08/06/2005 Netherlands and Turkey advance to final round (FIVB)
08/05/2005 Netherlands and Turkey win to set up crucial matches on Saturday (FIVB)
08/05/2005 Korea and Kazakhstan through to finals (FIVB)
08/04/2005 South Korea hand Kazakhstan first defeat (FIVB)
08/04/2005 Australia women take a step further towards World Championship finals (FIVB)
08/03/2005 Thailand dream over as Kazakhstan continue excellent form (FIVB)
07/31/2005 Germany beat Italy for tournament honours - Ukraine into play off (FIVB)
07/30/2005 Tunisia secure a World Championship berth (FIVB)
07/30/2005 France and the Czech Republic into final round, the Netherlands into playoff (FIVB)
07/30/2005 Italy and Germany through to final round (FIVB)
07/24/2005 Venezuela third South American team in final round (FIVB)
07/24/2005 Kenya beat Algeria to claim final round berth (FIVB)
07/23/2005 Venezuela take charge in Caracas (FIVB)
07/23/2005 Kenya rejoin Algeria at top of the table (FIVB)
07/22/2005 Algeria go top of the table (FIVB)
07/21/2005 Kenya and Algeria make it two from two (FIVB)
07/20/2005 Kenya and Algeria make perfect start (FIVB)
07/20/2005 Greece win tournament as Portugal claim play off berth (FIVB)
07/19/2005 Greece and Serbia & Montenegro clinch tickets to Japan (FIVB)
07/17/2005 Russia clinch title as Bulgaria claims play off spot (FIVB)
07/16/2005 Russia and Poland men advance to Final Round (FIVB)
07/15/2005 Russia and Poland on top in two brilliant matches (FIVB)
07/13/2005 Estonia men aiming to follow in the footsteps of Serbia and Montenegro women (FIVB)
07/12/2005 Kenya back in camp after weekend break (FIVB)
07/08/2005 Kenya name provisional squad (FIVB)
07/03/2005 Azerbaijan complete remarkable double with third round victory (FIVB)
07/03/2005 Korea win play-off to join Australia in final round (FIVB)
07/02/2005 Russia and Azerbaijan through to finals (FIVB)
07/02/2005 Australia seal final round spot after victory over India (FIVB)
07/01/2005 Russia set the early pace (FIVB)
07/01/2005 Korea make great start in play off with victory over Australia (FIVB)
06/29/2005 Two Final Round tickets up for grabs for Asian men and European women (FIVB)
06/26/2005 China beat India for Final Round ticket (FIVB)
06/26/2005 China and India to vie for ticket to Final Round (FIVB)
06/24/2005 Iran stay unbeaten to clinch Final Round berth (FIVB)
06/24/2005 China and India start on right foot (FIVB)
06/23/2005 Iran men one win away from Final Round (FIVB)
06/22/2005 Iran win key opening clash against Australia (FIVB)
06/21/2005 Iran hoping to follow in Kazakhstan$BCT(B footsteps (FIVB)
06/20/2005 Senate speaker congratulates Kazakhstan Volleyball team on victory (FIVB)
06/19/2005 Barbados victorious at home (FIVB)
06/19/2005 Amazing dream realised for Serbia and Montenegro (FIVB)
06/19/2005 Kazakhstan surprise Korea to claim final round spot (FIVB)
06/18/2005 Barbados remain on course in Norceca women's event (FIVB)
06/18/2005 Poland take giant step towards women$BCT(B Final Round (FIVB)
06/18/2005 Korea and Kazakhstan to play off for first Asian men$BCT(B Final Round ticket (FIVB)
06/17/2005 Serbia and Montenegro pull off another great upset (FIVB)
06/16/2005 Barbados and Jamaica continue dominance at Norceca first round event (FIVB)
06/16/2005 First women's Final Round spots up for grabs in Europe (FIVB)
06/15/2005 Barbados and Jamaica make winning starts to their World Championship campaign (FIVB)
06/15/2005 Confidence high ahead of Norceca men's first round tournament (FIVB)
06/15/2005 Five final round spots up for grabs in Asia (FIVB)
06/14/2005 World Championship fever hits Barbados (FIVB)
06/13/2005 Czech Republic join Serbia & Montenegro in third round (FIVB)
06/12/2005 Ukraine, Greece & Serbia and Montenegro all reach third round (FIVB)
06/11/2005 Ukraine surprise Greece as Europe Pool F starts in Croatia (FIVB)
06/10/2005 Greece and the Ukraine start perfectly (FIVB)
06/09/2005 Second round showdown in Europe (FIVB)
06/09/2005 Estonia surprise all in Men$BCT(B World Championship (FIVB)
06/07/2005 Greece women optimistic about future (FIVB)
06/03/2005 Six Asian teams advance to second round of Men$BCT(B World Championship (FIVB)
06/02/2005 Qatar beat the hosts to claim tournament honours (FIVB)
06/01/2005 Qatar and United Arab Emirates confirmed in second round (FIVB)
05/30/2005 Trinidad & Tobago through to second round (FIVB)
05/29/2005 Six European teams advance to third round as Belgium's fairytale continues (FIVB)
05/28/2005 Five teams on track for third round in Europe (FIVB)
05/28/2005 Trinidad & Tobago on the verge of second round (FIVB)
05/27/2005 St Lucia ready to take on hosts for second round ticket (FIVB)
05/26/2005 St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago set the early pace (FIVB)
05/25/2005 St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago start ominously (FIVB)
05/24/2005 What the coaches said in Trinidad and Tobago (FIVB)
05/24/2005 Favourites Trinidad and Tobago tackle Anguilla first (FIVB)
05/23/2005 Germany beat Czech Republic in World Champ warm up (FIVB)
05/22/2005 Costa Rica & Guatemala first Norceca men$BCT(B teams to advance to second round (FIVB)
05/22/2005 Estonia$BCT(B dream still alive as they join Portugal in third round (FIVB)
05/22/2005 Uzbekistan join Thailand in second round (FIVB)
05/21/2005 Costa Rica on verge of advancing, Honduras and Guatemala close behind (FIVB)
05/21/2005 Portugal win again Latvia, Estonia and Austria still in contention (FIVB)
05/21/2005 Thailand confirm second round placeUzbekistan & Afghanistan to play for 2nd ticket on Sunday (FIVB)
05/20/2005 Costa Rica delight home fans with dramatic tiebreak victory (FIVB)
05/20/2005 Thrilling start as Portugal and Estonia triumph first up (FIVB)
05/20/2005 Hosts make perfect start (FIVB)
05/20/2005 Costa Rica What the coaches say (FIVB)
05/20/2005 Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi receives Dr. Ruben Acosta, FIVB President (FIVB)
05/19/2005 A miracle achieved already (FIVB)
05/19/2005 A mission against the odds (FIVB)
05/19/2005 Honduras & Costa Rica to start favourites in first Norceca men$BCT(B event (FIVB)
05/17/2005 Hosts leaving no stone unturned (FIVB)
05/17/2005 Learning experience for Kazakhstan against Pakistan (FIVB)
05/16/2005 Belarus to assist Azerbaijan in preparation (FIVB)
05/15/2005 Guatemala join Mexico in reaching second round (FIVB)
05/15/2005 Mexico’s Bibi Candelas claims MVP prize (FIVB)
05/15/2005 Bulgaria and Turkey through to third round while Slovenia upset Hungary for second round ticket (FIVB)
05/14/2005 Mexico advance to second round with Guatemala and Nicaragua still in race for second ticket (FIVB)
05/14/2005 Three teams still in third round contention in Bulgaria while Slovenia and ungary to play for second round spot (FIVB)
05/13/2005 Mexico only unbeaten team after beating Guatemala (FIVB)
05/13/2005 Romania carry excellent form into second round (FIVB)
05/12/2005 Guatemala take big step toward second round (FIVB)
05/12/2005 Excellent warm-up for Portugal (FIVB)
05/11/2005 Mexico and Guatemala confirm their superiority (FIVB)
05/11/2005 Mexico confident ahead of first round tournament (FIVB)
05/11/2005 USOC Announces 2005 International Sports Invitational,June 7-12, featuring Volleyball (FIVB)
05/10/2005 Mexico and Guatemala favourites for two second round places (FIVB)
05/08/2005 Portugal preparing to host World Championship tournament with Russian competition (FIVB)
05/08/2005 Argentina through to final round (FIVB)
05/08/2005 Slovakia & Belarus women & Romania men into second round (FIVB)
05/07/2005 Paraguay win to set up showdown with Argentina (FIVB)
05/07/2005 Three teams in second round contention in Portugal - Belarus & Romania in “Sunday final” in Romania (FIVB)
05/06/2005 Argentina cruise to straight sets win (FIVB)
05/06/2005 Slovakia women book second round ticket in Portugal while Belarus and Romania men win on opening day in Romania (FIVB)
05/05/2005 Slovakia and Belarus make it two from two (FIVB)
05/05/2005 Armoa names mixed Argentinean sqaud (FIVB)
05/04/2005 Belarus and Slovakia victorious on first day (FIVB)
05/03/2005 High level of World Championship Volleyball no problem for Thailand (FIVB)
05/03/2005 Confidence high for hosts ahead of first round tournament (FIVB)
05/01/2005 Estonia men confirm second round place while France & Belgium finish first and second (FIVB)
04/30/2005 France & Belgium claim tickets through to second round, Estonia remain as only unbeaten side (FIVB)
04/29/2005 France hand Belgium first defeat while Estonia and Israel make excellent starts in Estonia (FIVB)
04/29/2005 Bosnia Herzegovina$BCT(B dream comes true (FIVB)
04/28/2005 Belgium and France in devastating form (FIVB)
04/27/2005 Belgium and Norway make perfect start (FIVB)
04/26/2005 Puerto Rico unveil new team advisor (FIVB)
04/26/2005 Europe gearing up for another World Championship festival (FIVB)
04/24/2005 Cameroon secure 2nd African ticket to final round (FIVB)
04/23/2005 Cameroon and Tunisia clinch second victories (FIVB)
04/22/2005 Tunisia and Cameroon win on opening day (FIVB)
04/21/2005 Four teams play off for final round ticket (FIVB)
04/21/2005 India hoping to take direct route (FIVB)
04/20/2005 Uganda head for Mauritius (FIVB)
04/19/2005 India to get new coach (FIVB)
04/17/2005 Jamaica take one step closer to Japan (FIVB)
04/16/2005 Jamaica and Netherlands Antilles set up Sunday final (FIVB)
04/15/2005 Opening wins for Jamaica and the Netherlands Antilles (FIVB)
04/15/2005 Volleyball takes the spotlight in Jamaica (FIVB)
04/15/2005 Confident Jamaica start World Championship campaign (FIVB)
04/14/2005 China announces squad (FIVB)
04/14/2005 Jamaica all set for 'Road to Japan' campaign (FIVB)
04/14/2005 British Virgin Islands en route to Jamaica (FIVB)
04/13/2005 Jamaican expectations high ahead of World Championships (FIVB)
04/11/2005 Jamaica quietly confident ahead of first round tournament (FIVB)
04/10/2005 South Africa claim ticket through to second round (FIVB)
04/09/2005 Mauritius win sets up final showdown against South Africa (FIVB)
04/08/2005 South Africa complete comfortable opening victory (FIVB)
04/07/2005 Lack of friendly games worries Botswana coach (FIVB)
04/06/2005 Mauritius eyeing clean sweep (FIVB)
04/06/2005 Botswana optimistic of victory (FIVB)
04/05/2005 World Championship fever hits Durban (FIVB)
04/04/2005 South African fans eager to witness world class action (FIVB)
04/03/2005 Botswana women gain in face of defeat (FIVB)
04/02/2005 Botswana prepared for titanic Volleyball assignment (FIVB)
04/01/2005 South Africa counting down to Volleyball spectacle (FIVB)
03/31/2005 Jamaica confirm line up (FIVB)
03/30/2005 China Sets New and Higher Aims for Volleyball (FIVB)
03/29/2005 Uphill task awaits Thailand according to coach (FIVB)
03/28/2005 St Kitts Appeals to Corporate Community (FIVB)
03/26/2005 Egypt join Japan and Brazil in final round (FIVB)
03/25/2005 Thailand start long World Championship preparation (FIVB)
03/25/2005 Egypt one win away from final round spot (FIVB)
03/24/2005 Cameroon and Egypt win opening matches (FIVB)
03/23/2005 Cameroon v Sudan in opening match (FIVB)
03/22/2005 Egypt hoping for repeat performance (FIVB)
03/22/2005 Jamaica gearing up to host 2006 World Championships (FIVB)
03/21/2005 Cameroon and Congo arrive in Alexandria (FIVB)
03/19/2005 Sensational win seals Egyptian ticket to final round in Japan (FIVB)
03/18/2005 Egypt & Nigeria clinch second victories to set up "final" (FIVB)
03/17/2005 Nigeria and Egypt win opening matches (FIVB)
03/17/2005 Nigeria hold high hopes ahead of World Champs (FIVB)
03/16/2005 Egyptian star players pronounced fit (FIVB)
03/16/2005 Egyptian coach says Nigeria not to be discounted (FIVB)
03/15/2005 St Lucia ready for "largest ever festival of elite Volleyball" (FIVB)
03/15/2005 Botswana select final squad for Egypt (FIVB)
03/14/2005 Mauritius step up preparations for World Championships (FIVB)
03/13/2005 South Africa prepare for Egypt in Kenya (FIVB)
03/12/2005 Home sides start as favourites (FIVB)
03/11/2005 All eyes on Egypt with first final round tickets on offer (FIVB)
03/06/2005 Chinese Taipei heads off Indonesia for tournament honours (FIVB)
03/05/2005 Chinese Taipei & Indonesia qualify for second round (FIVB)
03/04/2005 Chinese Taipei & Indonesia go top with two wins (FIVB)
03/04/2005 Beilun District to host Chinese women spikers (FIVB)
03/03/2005 Chinese Taipei start with convincing win (FIVB)
03/03/2005 Mauritius organisers confirm schedule (FIVB)
03/02/2005 Philippines and Indonesia make perfect start (FIVB)
03/01/2005 Philippines & Macau in opening match in Cebu City (FIVB)
02/28/2005 Egyptian Federation changes venue to ensure more spectators (FIVB)
02/28/2005 Caribbean performance excites top officials (FIVB)
02/27/2005 The Philippines promise World Championship spectacle (FIVB)
02/26/2005 Chinese Taipei favoured at Philippines event (FIVB)
02/25/2005 Historical milestone for Tonga (FIVB)
02/24/2005 Botswana unveils squad for World Championships (FIVB)
02/24/2005 More events eyed in Cebu after World Championships (FIVB)
02/24/2005 Vietnamese referee first at World Championships (FIVB)
02/23/2005 Substantial Funding for Volleyball in England (FIVB)
02/23/2005 Great anticipation ahead of Philippines event (FIVB)
02/21/2005 Philippines hoping for upset (FIVB)
02/18/2005 Philippines ready to host 2006 World Volleyball Men's Championship (FIVB)
02/17/2005 Nigeria women in camp for World Championship preparation (FIVB)
02/07/2005 Spain, England and Sudan overcome first World Championship hurdle (FIVB)
02/03/2005 Sudan secured a second round ticket (FIVB)
02/02/2005 Finland name Berruto with World Championships in mind (FIVB)
02/02/2005 Sudan and Ghana compete for a second round spot (FIVB)
02/01/2005 Successful start for Sudan and Ghana (FIVB)
01/31/2005 Men's 1st Round in Africa Group A in Sudan (FIVB)
01/28/2005 Mauritius prepares for the Women's tournament in April (FIVB)
01/28/2005 Four teams compete for a second round spot in Sudan (FIVB)
01/18/2005 Volleyball to raise its profile in the UK (FIVB)
01/17/2005 Largest ever FIVB Volleyball World Championships (FIVB)
01/16/2005 Women : Spain Qualify for Second Round (FIVB)
01/15/2005 Men: England Qualify for Second Round (FIVB)
01/15/2005 Spain Book Second Round Place (FIVB)
01/13/2005 Second day in Sheffield (FIVB)
01/12/2005 Tournament begins with a display of power and passion (FIVB)
01/12/2005 The biggest-ever festival of elite Volleyball - starts today (FIVB)
01/11/2005 Green Go For World Championships (FIVB)
01/05/2005 2006 World Championships First Round. Excitement rises as Competition kick off approaches (FIVB)